Bio-Buster™ Muck Reduction Pellets

Bio-Buster™ Muck Reduction Pellets are a custom blend of beneficial enzymes and microorganisms, compressed in an easy-to-apply, self-sinking pellet. Bio-Buster™ is designed to naturally reduce organic sediment in ponds, lakes and waste-water lagoons, while also reducing odors and improving water clarity. Bio-Buster™ pellets are self-sinking and attack organic sediment (muck) directly. Bio-Buster™ pellets assist in the digestion of leafy debris, dead aquatic vegetation, grass clippings and other organic waste/muck buildup.

Bio-Buster™ is safe for use in recreational water bodies, livestock ponds and waste-water lagoons. Bio-Buster™ is Environmentally friendly and has no water use restrictions.

Safe for humans, pets, fish, wildlife and livestock.

Bio-Buster™ Muck Reduction Pellets:

  • Easy to Apply Pellets
  • Reduce Organic Sediment “Muck”
  • Contain Billions of colonies of beneficial bacteria
  • Eliminate noxious odors
  • Non Pathogenic
  • Environmentally friendly

Available in 5 lbs, 10 lbs, and 25 lbs buckets & 50 lbs bags

Includes 4 oz. measuring scoop

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Product Image(10lbs)         Product Image(25lbs)

Spot Treatment:

Apply 1 pound of Bio-Buster™ Muck Reduction Pellets per 4,000 square feet of treatment area, once per month. Apply pellets evenly and directly to the target area where muck reduction is desired.

Entire Pond/Lake Treatment:

Apply 10 pounds of Bio-Buster™ Muck Reduction Pellets per 1 surface acre of treatment area. Broadcast evenly throughout or over the entire treatment area. Apply Bio-Buster Pellets Once Per month.