Bio-Clear™ LQ Water Clarifier

Bio-Clear™ LQ is a blend of warm and cold water strains of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and microorganisms. Bio-Clear™ LQ consumes suspended organic debris and pond muck, leaving your pond clean and clear.


  • Cleans & Clears pond water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Nonpathogenic
  • Reduces pond odor
  • Apply to any water temperature
  • No water use restrictions


1/4 acre pond – 1 quart           3/4 acre pond – 3 quarts

1/2 acre pond – 2 quarts         1 acre pond – 1 gallon

* Apply once per month to ponds with an aerator or fountain.

* Apply every other week to non aerated ponds.

Directions for use:

Shake well before use. Mix product in separate container with pond water. Apply in multiple spots around shoreline. Bio-Clear™LQ will spread throughout the water body on its own, attacking organic debris and pond muck.

Do not allow to freeze