Pond Biologics® PBAB Aquaculture Blend

Pond Biologics® Aquaculture Blend PBAB™ is a custom blend of beneficial microorganisms for use in intensive aquaculture operations.

Beneficial Bacteria are crucial to the natural recycling of nutrients within aquaculture systems.  Bacteria augmentation expedites the biological degradation and rapid reduction of organic matter to improve water conditions for all aquatic species.


  • Helps improve water and soil quality
  • Prevents and reduces pathogenic bacteria through competitive exclusion
  • Strengthens the immune and digestive system of all species
  • Increases feed conversion rates
  • Promotes fish and shrimp growth
  • Reduces mortality rates
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Direct application
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Product Image

Product Image


50 – 100 grams per surface acre, once per week.  Depending on stocking densities.


10 grams per 250 gallons of water, once per week.


2 – 5 grams per 250 gallons of water, once per day. Depending on biomass.

Available in 1 Kilogram (2.2 lbs) container

Bacterial Count:          1.6 billion CFU per gram

Shelf Life:                    2 Years